In Their Own Words 
Walking By Faith 4 Life Seminar Graduate Testimonials
Below are excerpts from the class surveys that were submitted by each student upon completing the Walking By Faith 4 Life seminar:  (Some comments have been edited for space)

"I started taking the Walking by Faith 4 Life class along with my husband Chris.  Before I took the class, my Grandmother and Uncle had taken it.  They told me so many positive things that made me open my eyes and eager to learn more.  Once I started the class on Tuesday nights, I got so hungry to learn more that I could not wait until the next week to go back!!  I learned the importance of responsibility and that everything you say has power.  Every word that comes out of your mouth has "life or death" meaning.  You can talk yourself into sickness, death and also being broke.  I learned that I need to really think before I speak.  If you are sick and tired of being "sick and tired", then this class should be at the top of your list of things to do!!  You will not find a more compassionate, loving person or teacher than Frank Bowers.  I have never met a person that has got so much knowledge of the Word."

"After taking the Walking By Faith 4 Life seminar, I actually can say I understand what it means to be a Christian!!!  While taking the course, I have had a number of experiences that have confirmed the power and importance of faith and prayer.  I now look forward to reading the Bible.  As I learned in class, 'it is God's love letter to ME'."  My vocabulary/ language has taken on a new twist.  Although not perfect, I try to say/stay positive.  I have also gained a new and growing understanding (maybe love?) for tithing.  Because I have a better understanding of why and how Jesus died for me, now it really is OK for me to take communion!!  I understand a little more what it means.  Walking By Faith 4 Life has changed my life.  I intend to take the course again.  Living in my own primitive world of Christianity does not cut it anymore.  I want more of what God has in store for me."

"I have enjoyed the class.  I yearned to come and would not have missed a session for the world.  It has been uplifting and encouraging.  I have used my newly found power to find peace and contentment in my life, which is what I have been praying for.  I learned that I am healed and loved affectionately by God through Jesus' stripes and God's grace."

"I have learned to talk OUT LOUD to God.  That's a very powerful experience.  Not just with personal prayers but with praise and thanksgiving.  I use to feel selfish when praying because somehow I missed that God want's me to be blessed abundantly so I can share His love and blessings with others.  In the past it felt like it was "me, me, me".  Now I can feel God in my life, see Him moving things in me and outside of me in a clear, fatherly and loving way.  I no longer think of God as someone I can't please.  I feel my relationship with God has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 14 weeks in this class.  God has always led me to Him and after a few weeks I would find fault in myself, beat myself up and run away.  I feel so blessed that He uses Frank to teach.  I have finally learned the steps I needed to exercise all Gods promises in my life.  I'm looking forward to the day I can be used by God to be a blessing to others."

"This course has answered for me the question of how to live in a Christlike manner every day.  I was always assured of my eternal salvation, but the day-to-day walk eluded me.  Walking By Faith 4 Life is a practical guide to walking with Jesus!

"When I first came to this class, I was walking in 60% faith and 40% fear.  The funny part was I've been in church for 35+ years.  No one had ever taken the adequate time to teach how to properly apply the Word of God in order to live a true victorious life.  Thank God this was not a "name it, claim it" class or ministry.  It is a true application of God's Word!!  Everything Frank has said came true.  He started the class by stating that "the devil is not pleased that you are here and will do anything to keep you out of this class.  Prepare yourself."  Sure enough, the devil first tried to remove me from the class.  Then the landlord said "you gotta move".  I immediately called Frank in tears.  But the call that night saved my life.  He took me right to the Word and met me right at the point of my need.  After that situation, I eagerly wanted to learn, read and grab hold of every instruction, principal and practice he taught us!  My life has grown, stretched and been renewed in so many ways.  I walk in such faith and belief now.  I wake up every day with new expectations.  I go to sleep with joy!  This class has brought me so much "overwhelming peace".  I can truly say now when I hear "the peace of God that passes all understanding" I now know it's content and it's meaning!!  Thank you Frank for the gift God allowed you to bring into my life.  What a precious treasure--God's spoken Word and application!

"The class helped me to solidify what I already knew from the scriptures.  It brought it all together in a way that was "down to earth" and easy to apply to my day-to-day life.  It reminded me of areas in my life and in my walk where I had gotten lazy or indifferent.  It helped me get back on track in several areas, especially in not allowing the enemy any place."

"Through this class, I have gotten a foundation (of the Word) so now I can understand more when the Spirit of God in me is talking and how to listen, and who I am in Christ.  Yes, I would consider myself a carnally minded Christian.  But I'm not where I used to be and I'm not where I'm going to be.  One of the best things that happened while taking this class was that my son told me he was feeling depressed about some things and the first thing that came out of my mouth was "get your Bible and go to the back and find the verses on patience."  I told him about the class and he said he wishes he had taken the class with me.  I told him that they are starting a Saturday class and he is signing up for it and I'm going to take it with him!"  I no longer smoke, drink or cuss and people are starting to see the change and want some of that."

"When I heard other people discribe this class as "life changing", I thought what could be so life changing about it.  Now, I understand.  It's the outlook on faith and life that changes.  The knowledge one gains and, if practiced to the fullness of ones privileges as a born-again believer, can change your life in ways unimaginable.  I have gained a whole new knowledge of "walking by faith."

"This class has been an eye opening experience.  Christ Jesus has begun working in all aspects of my life.  He wiped away a $3,000 debt in one fell swoop.  He has improved my medical conitions and continues to move me toward the minifestation of the healing He provided for me on the cross.  Everyone needs this class.  My life has certainly been blessed by taking it and I thank God for Frank."

"This class has changed my life.  Frank is a wonderful teacher. Having humor and emotion along with the experiences from his own life made it real for me. The class was much more than I expected."

"The Walking by Faith class was a blessing and a kick start to my floundering walk with God.  I felt so welcomed in the class.  It was like Frank was talking just to me. It is apparent that he enjoys giving and teaching the class.  He made me want to come back every Wednesday.  I am definately taking the class again."

"This was my first time taking the "Walking By Faith 4 Life" class.  I quickly realized that this was going to be a very dynamic and informative class.  I learned more about the scriptures and their power in my life throughout this course than I learned my entire church career while growing up.  Make no mistake, this class will challenge you to think about many teachings you were probably taught in the past about the "Word of God".  Some of the material seemed controversial, however I know it is the truth--because there were scriptures to back up every single subject that was taught throughout the course.  There is such depth in the subject matter you will definately want to take the class again. I feel I have most certainly become close to God and have regained my spiritual confidence by taking this class.  The class was presented in a very dynamic and passionate way and the instructor, Frank Bowers, is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met.  Be prepared for nothing more than a "life changing event".

"I thank and praise God for the "Walking by Faith for Life" class. When I first heard about it and how people’s lives were being changed, I thought to myself, that sounds like something I would like to experience for myself. The class was taught on Tuesday nights, but I work second shift. Then Frank started teaching the class on Saturday mornings also. Revelation after revelation began to reveal themselves through the Word of God. I have always wanted a close, personal relationship with God, but I never seemed to obtain it. Now through his Word, I am walking by faith and I am closer to him than I have ever been. For years I knew that something was missing and lacking from my life, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Because of this class I now feel whole and complete and on the right road on this journey in life. The devil doesn't want you to take this class and will try his best to hinder you, because he knows that your knowledge will increase and you will have power over him. I used to perceive God as being in Heaven looking down and watching over us, but writing down everything we did wrong. Now I see him as living inside me and going along with me everywhere I go, guiding and helping me along the way. His love for us is so strong that he gave his only son to die for our sins, iniquities, and transgressions, so that we could once again be in unity with him. He also sent the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us into all truth. He gave us the Word of God to teach us about all the promises and provisions he has for us, and to show us who we can be through faith in him. He loves us far more than we love ourselves. All he wants for us are good things, for us to be happy, have prosperity, and be in good health. Even in the midst of this troubled world, and with the concerns of the economy, we have a peace because we know that God is going to take care of us. He promised that he would never leave us or forsake us. This 12-week class is the greatest investment of my time that I have ever made. I think every Christian should take it. It has changed my entire concept of what a born again Christian should be like according to the Word of God. My life will never be the same."

"This class has allowed me to re-commit my life back to Christ and for that I am very joyful.  I learned a lot of things that were different from how I was raised. Frank did an excellent job. He lives this and it shows."  

"I really enjoyed attending the Walking By Faith class. I have listened to several "faith & prosperity pastors" on TV and radio.  I have also read some of their books.  But I must say that I have learned more from this class and the Walking By Faith book we used than all those other pastors, books, radio and TV shows combined!  For several years, there have been gaps left open in my knowledge and understanding of what faith is and how to use it.  This class helped me fill in and seal up all those gaps once and for all.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is seriously interested in learning how to use their faith to repair and restore all the areas of their life that need to be changed." 

"This is the second time I have been through the Walking By Faith class.  I will be taking it again and probably again after that.  For many years now I have been searching for God again.  I really thought He had given up on me.  Nothing I did was good enough.  Well, as it turns out, I was half right...nothing I could EVER do would be good enough to earn God's love.  He knows that, which is why He freely gives us His love and grace.  Through this class, I feel I have found God again.  It doesn't matter who I am or what I am, God has never and will never give up on me.  I am His child and He loves me, undconditionally, and without condemnation.  He has already given me the world.  I simply need to reach out and take it."
"Walking by Faith has got me back to reading the Bible.  Now I am reading the Word daily and believing what it has to say!  I will "walk by faith" from here on out.

"I was raised in a small baptist country church whose values centered on God's wrath.  In looking back, they seemed focused on the Old Testament rather than the wonderous love of God, who sent us His Son to redeem us from sin.  All of that education in wrath and punishment led me away from God. Later in adult life, I learned of God's love for us and it led me to renew my salvation once again.  But, yet there was a void in my full understanding.  I knew I was a child of God, loved in every way and walking in the path He purposed for me.  I even witnessed to others on occasion.....until I met Frank and heard of Walking By Faith.  My first few classes, I was awestruck.  I disovered what being a christian really meant and started filling the "holes" of my faith with God's Word that gave me the direction of my life, as well as His promises of eternal love.  Then I learned what faith truly is and how it impacted my life and the various ways Satan gains control.  And the best of all is that any time Satan appears in my life, I am in control with God, and Satan can never, ever use my life again.  Walking By Faith has truly opened my heart to God's will for me.  It has opened my eyes to lead me towards the future He wants for me.  It has opened my mind to learn His Word, His promises, His gifts and His love for me.  I want to thank Frank and thank God for giving Frank the words we all need to live by.  I pray others are opened to these lessons and the Word the way my life has been."

"It was good to hear in the class that I was not the only one who tried to read the Bible from the beginning and when I got to the "begats" I "be lost".  Learning to find and analyze scriptures which applied to my specific circumstances was the most beneficial part of the course for me.  I had always been a fairly positive, thankful person, believing things would turn out for good.  But I learned faith was more than a 'positive outlook'.  It is not a 'stretch of faith' to believe in things, not as they are, but as you want them to be.  It is faith itself.  This course taught me not to rely on things as they are because everthing we see, feel and touch is subject to change.  Through the Word of God we are able to effect that change.  Economic times, illnesses, relationships, or any problem will not have to destroy you because they have all been conquered.  Take the course and find out how to have tools to change all by knowing "the Word" and how to call it for yourself."

"The Walking By Faith class has changed the whole way that I look at life.  I am no longer depressed and fearful.  Knowing what the Word has to say about healing, finances, etc. gives me great confidence and has helped me deal much better with my job and in my personal life."

"I have experienced a sense of peace in my life since starting this class.  Although I have only just begun my walk in faith, I have learned that God will provide and will not let me faulter and fail in life as long as I believe, speak and stand on the Word of God.  I look forward to attending the class again and again.  There is so much to learn."

"This class was a total blessing in my life.  I learned so much that I should have already learned on my own.  I have been a Christian for many, many years.  However, until I attended this class, I did not really know what it meant to 'walk by faith'. During the time of attending this class, my father was admitted to ICU twice.  The first time, he got along well and was released from the hospital at 5pm on a Friday.  The next morning when I went to visit him at the skilled nursing facility, I found him in a comatose state.  Of course, he was rushed back to the emergency room, then ICU.  After his release, he seemed to do very well for the first few days at a different skilled nursing facility.  Then, he just seemed to give up hope.  He would just lie in bed, not talk, not even try to get up.  I learned through this experience with what I had learned in this class that I was capable of laying hands on him and praying and he would be healed.  This class taught me so many things.  The two things that stuck out from laying hands on my father and praying were (1) I have the power to tell the devil to leave and take any sickness with him, and (2) when I am not strong enough to pray, or not know how to pray, Jesus interecedes for me and what I am believing for does happen.  Within two days my father was up walking on a walker and getting back to living.  Actually, there were three things.  I also remembered Frank's words that 'it's never too late for healing'. After all, my dad is 95 years old.  I could have given up, but I didn't.  I also learned in the class to never,  never, never give up and never quit!  Then what you are believing for will happen because we were healed when Jesus Christ laid down on the cross and died for our sins."
"I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  The class was very professional.  Obviously, the instructor is a subject-matter expert in the area of walking by faith.  I loved that we always opened and closed with prayer.  Very powerful."

"This class has made me grow spiritually and yearn for more knowledge.  I always wanted to study and learn, but never made it a priority.  This class has made it a hunger and I have learned how to feed my spirit so that my faith will continue to grow.  I have learned how the words of our mouths affect our lives daily.  Also, how important it is walking and speaking the Word of God.  I have had so many positive things that have happened to me through this class.  I have learned the reasons (the verses) and how to find them.  I have had the faith all my life, but never knew the references.  I have worked in guidance positions and spoke of my faith.  Thanks to the Walking By Faith class, I have learned how to search and answer questions I couldn't before.  My partner and I have grown spiritually and personally together.  I am looking forward to furthering my studies and sharing the Word."

"Walking By Faith has had a great impact on my life and faith in my heavenly Father, God and Creator of the Universe.  Before taking this class I never thought I could have had a more positive outlook on life and have as great a change on me personally as it has had."

"Since taking the Walking by Faith class, I look at life in a different way now.  It is a positive way that will make my walk with God easier and more important to me.  I know there will be trials, but I know now that with God, ALL things are possible.  Thank you Frank for stepping out in faith in writing this book and for sharing it with me."

"The class helped me to grow spiritually.  It challenged me to exercise my faith and apply His Word to my day to day life. Some of the lessons have comforted me in a time of need.  I look forward to applying the principles of "Walking By Faith" in my life in the future."

"I have learned more from this class than I expected.  It motivated me to want to learn more of the Word.  It taught me to start praying aloud and to work on my patience."

"This Walking By Faith class has been a total satisfaction in my views on faith.  I have been so blessed to partake in this class on faith, knowing that God can use me and to know that others now see a new person standing in front of them. It is wonderful to know where I am in my walk by faith."

"How does one describe love to someone who's never felt it, or describe gem tones to a blind person, or the majesty of a symphony to a deaf person?  That is much what it is like trying to describe the Walking By Faith class to someone who has not taken it.  What I can tell you is that you need to take this class.  It will change how you see yourself when you finally realize who you are in Jesus Christ.  It will change the way you look at events and situations in your life, and give you the tools to overcome every obstacle, every sickness, anything that would come to kill, steal or destroy any part of your life. Now the joy of the Lord is every present in my life, and this class has taught me to laugh in the face of adversity. I am God's and God is mine, and there is no power in the universe that can take my relationship with Him away from me.  I am daily renewing my mind by reading the Word, and it is transforming me from glory to glory, empowering me to be and to do everything that God would have for me.  After you have finished taking this class, you will understand just what a powerful, devil-stomping, hell-destroying, overpowering, overcoming, victorious statement that is.  And you won't be able to keep it to yourself, either.

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