Ten Things You Will Learn
Walking By Faith 4 Life Seminar Overview

Ten Things You Will Learn:

 1. What faith is; where faith comes  from; and exactly how much faith you have.

 2. The three essential principals which are the foundation for successfully walking by faith.

 3. Your spirit needs to be fed,  exercised and rested just like 
your physical body.  This study will show you how.

 4. The 4 basic steps of Walking by Faith 4 Life™ and how to apply them to work in your life every single time.

 5. How to tap into the yoke destroying, burden-removing power, authority and anointing of Jesus Christ.

 6. Scriptural examples of the 4 steps of walking by faith in action.

 7. Two things the devil does not want you to know that render him  powerless in your life.

 8. The one thing that will neutralize your faith and render the Word of God ineffective in your life.

 9. Why our words are a crucial determining factor in our success or failure in walking by faith.

10. How to get healed and blessed and stay healed and blessed.

You will also learn how to read your Bible in such a way that it will be powerful, exciting and dynamic, not simply a chore or duty.

Instead of dreading it, you will look forward to your study time each day with great exitement and anticipation. 

Seminar Overview

The Walking by Faith 4 Life Seminar 
contains step-by-step instructions for born-again believers on how to develop and use their faith in the Word of God to overcome every obstacle, and triumph over every situation in their lives, regardless of their level of spiritual maturity.

Whether you were born-again 30 years ago, or just received Christ as your savior last night, these principals will work for you.

It reveals how Jesus Christ purchased our freedom from sickness and disease, poverty and lack, depression and fear, and any other bondage or demonic influence under the curse of the law.

It demonstrates the truths and principals contained in the Word of God that empower us to stand up in the face of adversity, and overcome the power of the enemy in every situation, every time.

This seminar does not contain theories or opinions.  For over 35 years I have walked and lived in the reality of every principle and every step I am going to share with you in this study, each and every one with the foundation of the Word of God to back it up.

In Acts 10:34 it says that "God is no respecter of persons".  If you will believe it, receive it, and walk in the principles as outlined in this study, it will work for you just like it works for me....every single time!