About the Author
R. Frank Bowers


Frank Bowers is the founder of the Walking By Faith 4 Life Ministries, Author and Instructor
for the Walking By Faith 4 Life Seminars.

Frank is also the author of the Walking By Faith book series: 

Walking By Faith 4 Life: How to Overcome Every Obstacle and Triumph Over Every Situation in Your Life Through Faith in the Word of God.”;

"Naturally Thin 4 Life:  God's Plan for you to be Naturally Thin and Forever Free from the
Bondage of Food, Dieting and Overeating.";

"Wealth & Prosperity 4 Life: God's Plan for You to Live in Wealth and Prosperity and to be
Forever Free from the Bondage of Debt, Lack and Poverty.

All three books as well as the Walking By Faith 4 Life Seminar Study Guide are available on Amazon.com, as well as through the homepage on this website.

Frank resides in Matthews, North Carolina, a suburb of Charlotte, where he was born again and filled
with the Holy Spirit on June 9, 1977.  For over 30 years, he has studied the Word of God and sought
God to learn the practical application of God's Word in order to successfully walk by faith in every 
area of life.

Frank’s journey began when, in the summer of 1985, God healed him of a rare strain of diphtheria. 
From this experience, Frank began to seek God and His Word in the area of healing.  This led to the revelation of faith, understanding the power of the Word of God, and its practical application in the
life of the born-again believer, not only for healing, but in every area of life. 

Frank realized that the call of God on his life is to exhort and encourage the body of Christ; to share, through the truths of the Word of God, what is the true nature and character of God; how to
have what belongs to the born-again child of God through the shed blood, death and resurrection of
our Lord Jesus Christ, and how to bring the manifestation of those blessings into their own lives by
faith in the Word of God. 

Frank's teaching includes the simple step-by-step instructions on how to be all God has said you
can be; how to do all God says you can do; and how to have all God says you can have. 
Frank has
been endeavoring to accomplish this call through the Walking By Faith 4 Life Seminars at
various churches and venues throughout the city.
Frank also has over 25 years experience in worship arts including worship leading, vocal performance, ministry in song, drama, writing and teaching.  Professionally, Frank also has over 25 years' experience in communication and publications design.  This includes creative writing, marketing, advertising and publications production, as well as graphic design and desktop publishing.

For more information or to find out how you can be a part of an upcoming seminar, or to learn how you can bring the Walking By Faith 4 Life seminar to your church or organization, send us an inquiry through the "Contact Us" page, or email us at